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About us

About us

Hearingbatteries.eu is a part of HOORbatterijen.nl. We are specialized in hearing aid batteries and the sale of (almost) all related products. The founder of hearingbatteries.eu is himself hearing impaired. He became very frustrated by the poor quality of service he had to endure and the high prices he had to pay when buying his hearing aid batteries. That's why, five years ago, he started hearingbatteries.eu. Hearingbatteries.eu offers excellent quality and service at a competitive price. The products we supply are tested our by employees of ours who wear a hearing aid or cochlear implant processor. All our products satisfy the requirements set forth by the hearing impaired.

Trustpilot reviews

Read at Trustpilot what our customers have to say about hearingaidbatteries.eu.

Charity work

Hearingbatteries.eu helps Kolewa Foundation

Out of every 100,000 children born in the developing world, 5,000 have a hearing impairment. In developing countries, this immediately limits any chance of having a 'normal' life. The Kolewa Foundation wants to change this.

The Kolewa Foundation is helping the Swara Swari Institute in Denpasar by collecting used hearing aids and sending them to Indonesia. The Swara Swari Institute sees to it that very young hearing impaired children receive speech training with the help of the Dutch hearing aids so that they can later attend school.

When the batteries have less than a year left until their expiry date, we send them to the Kolewa Foundation. These batteries are still of excellent quality and are much appreciated in Bali.

Kolewa Foundation has been organising its hearing aid collection for several years now with great success. All the hearing aids are cleaned and checked. In Bali they are then measured and supplied with batteries. For Indonesians with an average monthly income of 100 euro, this would be a huge investment. That's why hearingbatteries.eu is glad to help out!

Sport sponsoring

We have some running enthusiasts within the hearingbatteries.eu team. We mostly run just for fun. Sometimes we run competitively too. Each year we participate in the Singelloop in Utrecht.

If you are planning on running in a competition, we would be happy to sponsor you and your team with a professional running shirt. This is a shirt of the Kariban brand printed with the logo of hearingbatteries.eu. You would only have to cover the costs of delivery (€5.00) In return we would love to receive a photo of you or your running team wearing our sponsor shirt. Send an email to [email protected] for more information.